People Oriented

Our people have the freedom to navigate between departments. They can take up roles in Business Developement, Purchase, Estimation, Operations and learn every aspect of managing a project. We lay heavy emphasis on the career path of an employee and their overall growth within the organisation. We ensure every one of us has experience working on diverse projects (by project scale and type). This is done in order for all round developement of their skill set.

Training & Education

Technical as well as Soft Skills training is imparted during the course of a year. We also encourage employees taking up courses outside the organisation relevant to our industry. Reimbursement is provided based on the type and relevance of the course to our work.
Labor Training - In addition to our employees, we take great care in training our labor (skilled/unskilled) on safe practices. We also encourage them to participate in learning programs throughout the year.

Employee Benefits

Apart from salary compensation, Listenlights has in place the following :
1.We have company wide workmen compensation insurance for our labor force.
2. We also provide for company wide personal accident insurance for our employees.
3. End of the year premium pay for all our employees. This is dependent on salary and years of service.

Recognition & Awards

These awards recognize contributions made by individuals to the company.
Employees receive a monetary award in recognition for their outstanding work towards a project/s.

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