How Listenlights is driving India to become a Data Center leader? 

How Listenlights is driving India to become a Data Center leader? 

Picture this. On a picture-perfect day, you are engaged in a WhatsApp chat with your boss while your child is scrolling through Instagram. Your father is constantly checking Intraday trading charts while your wife is on a video call with her Dermatologist. The commonality, perhaps to a layman, would be technology. Or one would say, usage of the Internet.

But dig a little deeper by treading on the lines of communication channels, you will reach a place called the Datacenter. This, as the name suggests, is the fortress of everything data.

Doesn’t matter what piece of app you use in your mobile or complex enterprise software powering your workplace, chances are that the data is going to the Datacenter, getting stored, processed, and coming back to you, at your will in a fraction of a second. Truly a mind-boggling universe of data and networks.

Wisdom as they say is the abundance of common sense. A wise nation will undoubtedly be cognizant of the fact that the Datacenter is and will be the driving force of its digital aspirations on the global stage.

Many security and geo-political angles aside, a nation with an infrastructure rich in data center presence will undoubtedly be at the forefront of attracting investments and be a valuable player in the global economy as well.

How does India measure up in the data center race?

The Economic Times, reports that, according to a recent notification, Datacenters with an IT load capacity greater than 5 megawatts have been given infrastructure status by the Indian government. The change makes it simpler for Datacenter companies to acquire institutional credit at lower rates and attract overseas investment, among other benefits.

To think that the Total capacity stood at 200 MW merely in 2017 and in a very short time increased to 770 MW last five years is simply outstanding for a growing economy like India.

This is mainly because of the explosion of usage of data by consumers because of factors including

  1. Increase in digital banking and payments.
  2. Rise of the E-Commerce sector and overwhelming adoption by consumers.
  3. Popularization and dependency of the OTT streaming platforms for entertainment needs.
  4. Increase of the data usage from 1.4 GB on average per month per user to 14 GB on average per month per user.
  5. Data localization initiative by the government which mainly prioritizes data storage and subsequent processing of Indian consumers within Indian borders.
  6. Roll-out of 5G services in major cities of India.

With the right policy and looking at the current rate of data center demand, India is expected to reach 1752 MW of capacity by 2025.

Not to mention that the covid crisis, which started in late march of 2020, forced both major and minor businesses in any industry to look towards cloud solutions for their operations further pushing bigwigs like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and many others to invest in India as strategic data center locations.

This is where Listenlights contributes to the giant players in the industry by giving them the best MEP service and guidance to build world-class Datacenters in India.  

With key insights in strategic processes to build such Datacenters and backed by data to alleviate any showstoppers at every milestone, Listenlights is the best solution partner in all aspects for everything “DATACENTER”.

With a portfolio of happy and repeated Datacenter clients, Listenlights stands in a position of providing hassle-free project completion with customer-delight thought process at the forefront of any project we undertake.

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