UBS, Phase I & II

UBS, Phase I & II

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The history of UBS goes back to 150 years ago. With a robust foundation, UBS is now a leading multinational investment bank and financial service company. Team Listenlights has executed the Phase I & Phase II electrical fit-out work, spread over 1.8 lakh sq. ft area in their Pune office. In this project, in all the LT Panels, BMS and CMS interfacing were required, which were executed successfully by our team of experts. When this project initially started, we faced numerous challenges because their office premises was operational. In addition to this, there was a space constraint for a few of the component installations on the field and we also faced the challenge of material delivery time for long-lead components. With our diligent and intelligent team members on board, we pulled this project off within the stipulated time and overcame all the challenges. This was a ‘LEED Platinum’ rated building project, executed under the SEZ zone.

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