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Ventura India Pvt. Ltd (Ventura India) is an associate company of Ventura which was incorporated in UK. It is engaged in providing BPO services to its third party Clients. It was interior fit out project of approx. 1.25 lakh sq. ft. office area. In this project our scope included LT Panels, Cables, Wiring for Lighting UPS & Raw power, Raceways, Earthing and light fixtures.This project required installations of powder coated trunking system. It was used extensively below false floor for routing cat-5 data cables. Due to the deadlines, we ensured that each piece of trunking was pre-fabricated to the exact size and shape that was required on-site. This avoided activities like cutting, drilling etc. at site and in turn resulted in saving time of execution, waste removal and overall costs.

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    Ventura Technology Group

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