Core Values


Excellence is when we demand more of ourselves than our clients do. It is something that is attained when you make right choices over and over again, especially when no one is looking. For us, excellence is the pursuit of highest quality when you believe in what you are doing and that is delivered through persistent committment.


Commitment for us is commitment to quality, integrity and service. We are committed to our clients as well as our people. Our aim is to give the feeling of trust to our clients when they are looking for someone to address their company's needs.


We remain firm to our values of quality & honesty. We rely heavily on maintaining highest ethical standards in our work. Listenlights is an entity based on trust. We pay emphasis on doing it right the first time, every time and continually maintain such high standards.


We strongly believe teamwork is what takes us through difficult situations. We know our primary asset is our people. We are commited to creating opportunities for them so that they can reach their potential. Our focus has always been to keep a lean and productive workforce.

Continuos Improvement (LEAN)

Innovation is the key to our industry. Through training and market awareness, we have created a culture of exchanging ideas and information. Having long-term vision and adaptablity, we are able to adjust to emerging trends in the market and also continually improve our internal processes.



The Company recognizes that our nature of business warrants strict adherence to safety norms. People are our biggest asset and it is our duty to propogate a culture of safe and responsible practices. We firmly understand our responsibility to prevent accidents causing injury, damage to health and environment. Listenlights' safety policy states :

" Encourage safe practices at work and at home so that 'safety' becomes a habit and not merely a notion just to be followed."


  • Safety trainings and information is provided every year to keep up with safety norms and practices.
  • Document safety incidents, revisit them and learn to implement effective safe practices in the future.

Sustainable Practices

We take great care as part of our responsibility towards the environment and will continue to do so in the future by improving practices constantly :

  • Creating on-site awareness for separation of hazardous/non-hazardous waste.
  • We encourage local buying in the cities we operate in order to reduce carbon foot-print associated with delivery of material.
  • Complying to applicable green regulations of a project.
  • Improving practices that prevent waste at site. This is possible owing to implementation of LEAN practices viz;
    • Just-in-time delivery - We place heavy emphasis on (ODI) order-delivery-install practice. We strive to optimize the time duration between these 3 phases of a project.
    • Strategic procurement of Material during project execution.
    • Maintaining minimum inventory at site.


One of the most significant aspects of our culture is the importance given to quality. We believe in the philosophy that it is better to have few satisfied customers rather than unsatisfied customers. Our clients appreciate our cost effective approach while maintaining quality. As a result of showing consistency wherever we operate, we get repeated orders from old clients when they are building new facilities or expanding their existing infrastructure. Repeat orders from our clients testify the faith reposed by the clients in our ability to understand their needs and to fulfil their requirements on time with quality. For us at Listenlights, this is our biggest award and achievement.


We believe that responsible citizenship can be cultivated through service. Listenlights sponsors programs which support youth and tribal education. Listenlights also supports causes involving full-scale development of individual villages.

" I have known Mr. Kamlesh Shah since the last two decades and have been fortunate to be associated with Listenlights on several projects. Their performance has been exemplary and our clients have rarely faced issues in electrical works undertaken by them . This speaks volumes of their ability to do it right the first time! Consistently adhering to quality and time has been their strength. "

Ravi Sarangan,
Executive Director, Edifice Architects

" I have interacted with Listenlights for over 15 years as they executed electrical works at various facilities that my organization built over a period of time. I have at all times found Mr. Kamlesh Shah and his team very professional in their approach, helpful, understanding and amenable to our needs. All electrical works undertaken have been completed to an exceptionally high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending Listenlights with the certain knowledge that they will produce work of excellent and professional quality and guarantee client satisfaction. I personally value the professional association. "

Shakti Sagar
Ex MD, ADP India

" We know Listenlights for good quality work, prompt delivery, understanding and fulfilling client requirements for years. We acknowledge their commitment towards employees and society "

Ajit Kulkarni
Principal, Ajit Kulkarni Consultants

" We are happy to mention that Listenlights has been associated with us across the country for the past 12+ years. As a consultant, we have observed that the firm's commitment, quality of workmanship, dedication towards the projects irrespective of the volumes and support extended after handing over of the project are very good and up to total satisfaction. We look forward in continuing the professional relationship with them in future also. "

V Srinivas
Principal, Synergy Infra Consultants

"We have been associated with Listenlights for a decade and they have been part of various Kalpataru projects in and around Mumbai. We have understood Listenlights to be a reputed electrical contractor showcasing high team performance, commitment and reliability on all our projects. We also rate them highly on their quality of workmanship. Their greatest strength lies in execution of LT interior office projects and HT downstream infrastructure work. "

Satish Rao
Sr. VP - Services, Kalpataru Limited